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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lacey's litter PLUS an apology

I apologize for dropping out of sight but have not been physically able to work on my blog due to pinched nerves in my neck and lower back. I am now working with a specialist who seems to be helping me overcome the extreme pain without prescription pain killers. I was concerned about my work as a teacher and my Devons, but the future now seems brighter. I am more hopeful now that the source of my problems has been isolated and a treatment plan put into place to help me use my right arm and leg without the pain. yeah!

Lacey's three boys have kept me laughing with their silly Devon antics and I am more determined than ever to not give up on my goals. The boys are now old enough to go to forever homes so I am posting pictures that I took of them today for those of you who are interested. Any questions and letters of inquiry should be sent to

Blue ? male I can't really decide if he is going to remain blue or not. He has a lot of lavender in his background
and could change color.

Brown Mctabby male...He is full of mischief and play.He is also very affectionate.


Lastly is the red tabby and white boy. I have been partial to him since he was born due to his color and striking markings. He is now living with his forever family in Tennessee.

SNEAK PEAK at Gaia Chocolate Ripple from this summer's wild tribe...I call her Ripley. She is a chocolate smoke Devon and looks a great deal like her mom, Luna.


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