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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Luna's New Litter

Luna has once again given me a litter of 5 little curly-coated babies. Since I repeated the breeding from this past summer, I expected similar colors, but Luna had other ideas.  PLUS, I have 3 females and 2 males this time. Females are few and far between here at Gaia so I am thrilled that I have three from which to choose. My choice will be a tough one as there is something extra special about each little girl. One is a silver classic and white, one has dark patches of color with a perfectly shaped heart over her left eye and the other appears to be a tortie (a color which I have never had before). One of the boys is a chocolate silver mackerel tabby, while the other is chocolate with white paws and mustache. One thing I have learned is that even the darkest kitten at birth can become a very light version by 4 months of age. I will post pics when these guys are a bit older.