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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Its a Boy!!!!

Birdette went into labor at 3:00 a.m. today. She delivered two kittens, both males but the first was stillborn. I was so upset...I have never lost a kitten (or puppy when breeding and exhibiting toy poodles and Afghan hounds) so this was a very painful experience for me. I tried everything I knew including CPR for an hour but to no avail. There was not even a tiny spark of life in its little body. He was laid to rest in a corner of the garden underneath a large Black Walnut tree. My heart is heavy but also joyful as the other male was born full of life. I affectionately refer to him as Puppy. I have often told Birdette that she is "Better than a puppy." because she is so loyal to me and so playful plus totally house trained! I really do love that girl...she is one in a million in my book.

Puppy is nursing and Birdette seems very content...not anxious like her mother, Catie, was when she had her one and only litter. Birdette seems content to remain in the laundry basket where she gave birth. She enjoys my company when I check on the dynamic duo and rolls over so I can rub her tummy. I am praying that all goes well and Birdette and Puppy will soon become an active part of the feline family here at Gaia.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trip to the Vet

I had expected Birdette to birth her litter last week-end but that didn't happen. Each day, I rushed home from work at a local junior high school anticipating the arrival of babies; but each day was the kittens. I was beginning to feel that something was wrong and decided to take Birdette to Dr. Milledge just to be safe. Dr. Milledge was not in and the veterinarian who saw Birdette suspicioned pyometra when she could not palpate kittens. To say I was devastated at the thought would be an understatement. All I could do was turn Birdette over to the Dr. and pray that an ultrasound would provide the information needed to make an educated decision as to Birdette's required care. I couldn't bear the thought that Birdette might have to be spayed or that I might lose her to pyometra. After all, I had all ready had a close call with Birdette's mother, Catie.

You cannot imagine the joy I experienced when the tech came to me and announced that there were two heart beats and possibly a third! An x-ray was ordered just as a precaution as was blood work. The relief that I felt was so overwhelming...there was no sign of pyometra and definite proof of not one but two babies in the making! Perhaps my luck is changing and I will finally be able to develop a breeding and show program that will be known for beautiful, typey
Devons. PLUS, I will receive the benefit of having adorable little kittens to play with and spoil.
I am indeed very happy tonight. :)