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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Catie's daughter Birdette

When Catie had to be spayed , I had only her daughter, Ch. Bluegenes Sugar and Spice, to carry on the gene pool. Birdette (the nick name I gave to Sugar and Spice) was not only an integral part of my breeding but my personal pet as well. There are always those few pets who just step into your heart and leave footprints...Birdette was/is that 'special' furry someone for me.

From the time Birdette was born she made her presence known.Birdette, a beautiful odd-eyed white, loved the show atmosphere. She was a year old before I entered her in a show so I was concerned that she would be nervous and shy. Birdette thought the shows were being held in her honor. She loved the attention from the spectators and and showed to perfection in the rings. She won the six blue ribbons necessary for her championship at the Birmingham Feline Fanciers' cat shows in one week-end. I entered her in two more shows before it was decided that I should breed her.

Over the next two years, Birdette was introduced to several males but no kittens were produced. Judie moved from Tennessee to Michigan and made arrangements with Denis Downey of Northshore Devon rex for me to lease a beautiful cream bi-colored male named Northshore Tradewinds (aka Trader). After several attempts at breeding, I was beginning to think that I would never again hear the patter of little Devon feet. Last week, Birdette surprised me with all the signs of being
pregnant. After consulting my calendar and counting from the last day Birdette and Trader mated, I have determined that kittens are due around the 20th of April. I pray that all goes well and that in a few short months I will be using my new pink security cage showing a Devon rex kitten. Stay tuned because I intend to show off the little fellas asap!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tica Cat Show

Yesterday, I attended my first Tica cat show. I went as a spectator and not as an exhibitor since I did not know what to expect. The show was held at Century Plaza in what used to be Rich's department store. There were many vendors, lots of room for exhibitors, as well as spectators, and very friendly people all around. I was thrilled to learn that two vendors offered security cages for sale and I was able to see and compare the different styles available. I finally decided upon a beautiful pink security cage with black mesh and clear vinyl doors. I decided to spoil myself and got all the bells and whistles available for the cage that I bought.

I was elated as I left. I don't have a Devon to show in the regular classes but do intend to show Ch. Premiere Bluegenes Catie Curlic to her grand champion title. I am also hopeful that a new little Devon is in my future. The pink security cage was my way of keeping my dream alive!

All in all, I really enjoyed the Tica show and may register Catie with Tica in order to have a broader selection of shows to attend.