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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Although this blog is about Gaia Devons, I feel that I need to include the fact that my first purebred cat was a Cornish Rex named Gabby. I bought Gabby  not realizing that Cornish and Devons were entirely different breeds. After all, they both had large ears and short curly coats, but that is where the similarities ended. Gabby was eventually bred and produced 1 kitten which I named Bibbie. Mother and daughter were blue and cream patched. Gabby had too much coat for a Cornish and Bibby had none (talk about extremes!). When I decided to show Devons, Gabby and Bibbie were spayed but remained with me as pets.  Gabby is now 15 yo. Bibby never grew any coat, not even the soft down of a Sphynx, but she was still beautiful and extremely graceful. This week, I had to tell Bibby good-bye at the age of 13. I had so wanted to have both girls with me when I made my move to the country at the end of this month. My plan included a special screened in area for the cats to romp in the fresh air, see birds and butterflies up close and have the opportunity to climb a real (although short) tree. Bibby exited this world as quietly as she entered it but not without leaving footprints on my heart and endearing herself to all who knew her. RIP Li'l Bib.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dobby2 Learns Foosball

The little boy Devon pictured in the litter available posts is now living in California with his forever family. He is learning new skills as evidenced in the following pictures. The first pic shows Dobby in deep concentration as the rules of the foosball game are explained to him. The second picture shows Dobby playing to win!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Cute Alert!!!!!

I repeated the breeding that produced Luna and Lacey (Ch. Raya Walking on Sunshine of Gaia x Gaia Chase The Rainbow) and was blessed with one little boy who stole my heart instantly. He is fearless, happy go Lucky, and gives 100+% in everything he does. He is a Free Spirit as well as a cutie pie (which he definitely uses to his advantage!). At the moment, I am thinking of naming him Gaia Little Rascal, but that may change. Only time will tell. Here's Rascal!

At 5 Weeks of Age

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Litter Announcement

Gaia Star Gazer (Lily) delivered a lovely litter of three little girls on March 7, 2013. The Sire of the litter is Ch Raya Walking on Sunshine of Gaia (Sunny). There are two lavender classic tabbies and one cream spotted tabby.  Email:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birmingham Cat Shows

I entered Opal in the Birmingham Cat Shows this past week-end. I needed to get back in to showing and a kitten is always fun so it was perfect timing. Opal was only a few days past  four months and she is extremely playful, plus cute as any Devon kitten. Of course, Opal was the only Devon Rex kitten entered but we went with the goal of simply having fun. I met so many people who stopped by to see a Devon and learn a bit about this most unusual breed (one of the reasons I enjoy going to the shows). Opal was her usual playful self and entertained the spectators with Devon antics while waiting to be judged. I was very pleased to have Opal final in two rings. Judge Sharon Bounds awarded Opal 9th Best All Breed kitten and Judge Donna Jean Thompson awarded Opal 8th Best All Breed Kitten. It was a good week-end :)

The following are pictures of Opal at the shows: