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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Howie has a brother!

Birdette blessed me with a new baby Devon on Monday, October 22, 2007. I had hoped for a larger litter but am happy with the one healthy little guy. He is mostly white with two blue mactabby spots between his ears that extend over both eyes and two very small spots on one side near his hind leg and another larger spot on the opposite side near the front leg, and a blue mactabby tail. I am going to have to think of an especially unique name for him since he is so unusual in coloring. At the present time, I am thinking about calling him The Lone Ranger but may change my mind as he develops a personality of his own.

I changed my thoughts on Howie's name more times than I like to say but fully believe that the name Howie suits him to a T. Birdette is doing well and has stopped her aggressive behaviour
towards Howie and the other cats. Actually Birdette has become very motherly towards Howie again even allowing him to visit his new little brother without incident.

I attempted to take photos of the new kitten but couldn't keep up with him. He may be small and less than a week old but he can certainly move! Every picture I took was merely a white blur. I will wait to post pictures when the little fella can be tempted by a toy to stay still long enough for me to focus the camera on him.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Howie enters the show world!

Finally, I have a kitten to show! I have waited so long and was fearful that something would keep me from showing Howie as a kitten. I have never had a young kitten to show and I have longed for the opportunity to grow up in the show halls with a kitten of my own. This past Saturday, I drove to Huntsville, Alabama, to a one day show. It was Howie's first CFA show and although he didn't final, I was/am very proud of his participation. The first couple of rings had Howie a bit confused as to what was going on, but as the day progressed he began to realize that all he had to do was be himself, which he did in flying colors. The constant pressure of being cute, did not daunt Howie in the least. He was a bit worn out after the long day and slept all the way home in his carrier. I made a few new friends while there and spoke to a member of the Birmingham Feline Fanciers about membership. All in all, I felt that it was a very productive day.
I also decided to have professional pictures taken of Howie. The photographer, St. Arnaud, is very good at getting my Devons to play in front of her camera, so I knew, I would not be disappointed with the proofs. There were several really adorable pics of Howie and some very grownup looking poses as well. I purchased a package of eight photos, a 5 x 7, and a page of all the proofs. I can't wait to get the finished product as I will definitely have some nice pictures of Howie that I can share.
Work is taking much of my time, but I am going to attempt to make entries more often. Birdette is pregnant and her litter is due any day now. I pray that the babies will be born healthy and Birdette will have no problems birthing. I love Birdette and long for a baby girl from her to carry on the bloodline. Time will tell, if I am going to get a little girl or not. I think I will. :)