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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ch. Bluegenes Catie Curlic

My lovely Catie developed closed pyometra and had to be spayed. I was devastated at the loss of future breedings but thankful for Dr. Milledge's expert care, which saved Catie's life. Since Catie will no longer be having beautiful little Devon babies, Judie encouraged me to enter her in Premiere class at the Birmingham shows the last week-end in January '07.

When younger, Catie had tolerated the show scene but never really showed her true potential. I was doubtful that she would do herself justice after a three year absence from shows. Motherhood
gave her more confidence than I had realized. Catie easily earned her 6 blue ribbons to add the title of Premiere to her name. She is truly more beautiful than ever and I intend to enter her in Huntsville, Atlanta, and Knoxville. In the meantime, I am hoping Catie's daughter( out of her only litter), Ch Bluegenes Sugar and Spice of Gaia (known as Birdette or The Princess around here!), will bless me with a litter and a future star.