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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birmingham Cat Shows

I entered Opal in the Birmingham Cat Shows this past week-end. I needed to get back in to showing and a kitten is always fun so it was perfect timing. Opal was only a few days past  four months and she is extremely playful, plus cute as any Devon kitten. Of course, Opal was the only Devon Rex kitten entered but we went with the goal of simply having fun. I met so many people who stopped by to see a Devon and learn a bit about this most unusual breed (one of the reasons I enjoy going to the shows). Opal was her usual playful self and entertained the spectators with Devon antics while waiting to be judged. I was very pleased to have Opal final in two rings. Judge Sharon Bounds awarded Opal 9th Best All Breed kitten and Judge Donna Jean Thompson awarded Opal 8th Best All Breed Kitten. It was a good week-end :)

The following are pictures of Opal at the shows: