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Saturday, September 06, 2008

How long has it been?

I have been swamped. I decided to begin my master's degree in science education. I refuse to say how long it has been since I attended classes as a student, so this was a huge decision for me. I decided on the online program offered by Walden University because I will be teaching a full day of eighth grade science now. For the past few years I have taught reading, one section of science and one art class, so I felt that I needed to update my teaching style and learn some new and fun approaches to science. I have enjoyed the first course very much. It has not been easy as I had never participated in a chat or a forum before this course. I have definitely had to step outside my comfort zone to take this course.

I spent quite a bit of my free time during the summer, working at MJHS to get my classroom and lab organized before the start of school. When the first day for students arrived, my classroom looked great, but the lab was still junked up. I started staying after school each day to work in the lab, got home late and then started on my assignments for Walden. My little Devons did not know what had happened because I was no longer home during the day and playtime was almost non-existent. I have finally gotten everything under control, so I am going to start looking for cat shows. Pearl is so pretty in my eyes. She is mischievous, extremely affectionate and she is adorable and knows it! I have never had a cat that was oozing cute like she is! I think she is going to be so much fun to show.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Not too much going on here. School is out for the summer and I have begun working on my Master's degree. The summer is always busy with my trying to catch up with all I put off during the school year, but I am setting aside time each day to just enjoy Birdette's last two kittens. The other cats are helping them learn the ins and outs of feline play, so I decided to add a few fun photos. First is a picture of Trouble (far right) and his two little siblings looking at images of regional winners on the Devon Rex Breed Club site. They are really taking it all in!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Small Blessings!

On February 19, Birdette gave birth to a litter of two; a blue and white boy, and a pale cream female with pink highlights. I am excited beyond explanation as I was fearful that I would not have a female from Birdette for future breeding. As usual, Birdette did not let me down and came through in flying colors. Birdie is a great mother. She pays close attention to her babies but does not smother them. She allows them to venture out on their own but is available if they should need her. At the tender age of three weeks, Birdette decided it was time to introduce them to the other cats. She slowly walked into the main room followed by two very tiny little ones whose steps were
small and uncertain. Birdie encouraged them to walk in a circle around the room, stopping briefly for Grandma Catie, Daddy Trader and brothers, Howie and Trouble to meet them. All watched as the little parade began to exit the room, then Trader came forward for a closer look, he licked each one ever so gently as if saying, "Welcome, my little ones." He escorted Birdette back to my bedroom, then returned to his place on my computer monitor. Trader took an active part in Howie's upbringing and was the only adult who had the patience to play with Trouble for any amount of time. When Trader came here to live, I knew it was only temporary. Not only did Trader leave me with several of his offspring, but he left pawprints on my heart as well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Howie's a Champion!

I was so aggravated with myself for missing a ring call at the Birmingham shows in January because Howie needed wins in all six rings to complete his champion title. I could not enter him in championship class without that ribbon, so I took him to Knoxville, Tennessee, this past Saturday.Howie was his usual charming self and completed requirements for Ch.with no trouble at all. I decided to take Trouble along, just to have a kitten to show. At the last minute, I almost left Trouble at home because he will not allow Howie a moment's peace. I also did not know how Trouble would react to the show hall but he really surprised me. Not only did Trouble look especially angelic (I knew the truth!), but he was very well behaved as well. Trouble not only won BOB in each ring, but was named sixth best kitten by Judge Kim Everett-Hirsch. I am so proud of both my boys. They are the first to carry the Gaia prefix.
I owe a big Thank you to Judie Hudgens, who is my mentor and friend, for allowing me to own Ch, Pr Bluegenes Catie Curlic who blessed me with my first litter of Devon kittens. Thanks and hugs also go to Linda Petersen (Karmacatz) and Denis Downey (Northshore) who allowed Northshore Tradewinds of Karmacatz to live with me and sire three beautiful litters. Trader has moved in with Judie and his absence is definitely felt here at Gaia.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Howie's little brother has a name: Gaia mischief Maker (aka Trouble). Trouble is so full of energy, he keeps all the other cats worn out. He is a bundle of playful antics from morning till night. Trouble also idolizes his big brother, Howie, and tries to emulate everything he does. Although Howie is very patient and enjoys having a playmate, I know he is looking forward to the time when Trouble will be moving in his new home. Joseph, my son, helped me take some pictures of Trouble, I hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year!

I start back to work at my day job (teaching eighth grade Reading, Science, and Art) in the morning. While I have enjoyed my time off, I look forward to interaction with my students, who always put a fresh perspective on life. I have been so busy with daily chores that I sometimes put off during the work week, that I have failed to share Howie's first professional photos. I will share one each time I post and hopefully, will have some of Howie's little brother (who is still nameless) in the not too distant future.

Living with two Devon Rex kittens is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I am in the process of putting together a video of the little guy and some of his impish antics. It will be a while before I get it ready for publication as this is a new learning process for me, but will post the video as soon as possible.