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Monday, September 03, 2007

The Continuing Adventures of Howie the Fearless

On Saturday, I was writing my lesson plans when I heard the loudest yowl of my life. The yowl was short lived but followed by scratching and scrambling. It seems that Howie fell asleep on the monitor of my computer and in a more than relaxed state, he slipped behind the monitor and was caught between the desk and the wall. My daughter and I moved furniture searching for the little guy (by this time, all noise had ceased) but Howie was no where in sight. I called and called his name, which usually brings him flying. Eventually, I saw a blue-gray shadow slink by against the wall. It was Howie and he was simply terrified by the experience. It took at least 45 minutes before he would allow me to touch him. Bless his little heart! He still loves to sleep on the monitor but I make certain to move him when I leave the room. Gotta love the little fella...he certainly keeps the day interesting around her!