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Saturday, September 06, 2008

How long has it been?

I have been swamped. I decided to begin my master's degree in science education. I refuse to say how long it has been since I attended classes as a student, so this was a huge decision for me. I decided on the online program offered by Walden University because I will be teaching a full day of eighth grade science now. For the past few years I have taught reading, one section of science and one art class, so I felt that I needed to update my teaching style and learn some new and fun approaches to science. I have enjoyed the first course very much. It has not been easy as I had never participated in a chat or a forum before this course. I have definitely had to step outside my comfort zone to take this course.

I spent quite a bit of my free time during the summer, working at MJHS to get my classroom and lab organized before the start of school. When the first day for students arrived, my classroom looked great, but the lab was still junked up. I started staying after school each day to work in the lab, got home late and then started on my assignments for Walden. My little Devons did not know what had happened because I was no longer home during the day and playtime was almost non-existent. I have finally gotten everything under control, so I am going to start looking for cat shows. Pearl is so pretty in my eyes. She is mischievous, extremely affectionate and she is adorable and knows it! I have never had a cat that was oozing cute like she is! I think she is going to be so much fun to show.