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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gaia Chase the Rainbow

Skittles- Age 11 days old

Sabrina's Litter-black and white male

Gaia is Growing!

Cearra's kittens will be going to their new homes in a few weeks and the house will be quiet once again. Sabrina's litter won't be old enough to enjoy chasing each other and stalking catnip mice for at least a month, so the silence will be short-lived. I bred Sabrina to Trouble reluctantly, because Cearra was all ready pregnant. I am now glad that I did; especially since Cearra's litter consisted of all males. I had planned to keep a female to show and later breed, but that opportunity did not present itself until Sabrina's litter was born. I had almost given up hope for an additional female, but Sabrina managed to give me three males(not 100% certain about one of the males) and one little girl. I have all ready named her. She will be registered as Gaia Chase the Rainbow and will be called "Skittles". Pictures of the entire litter are available on website, but I will post a few here.