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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Raya Walking on Sunshine of Gaia

I have had so many challenges locating a suitable stud for Birdette, that I decided it was time that I
added an unrelated male kitten to my Devon family. I searched for many months before I decided that the new boy would come from Raya Devon Rex in Canada. After corresponding with Yvette Huot for several months, she notified me that she had two males born (from separate litters). She sent pictures and pedigrees to me and kept me updated on the progress of each little boy. After much consideration, I decided the a cream mactabby boy sired by Glamourex Happy Feet bred to Raya's Kiss With a Twist. The pedigree complemented that of my cats beautifully and I feel was/is the best fit genetically that I could ask for.

I decided to name him Raya Walking on Sunshine of Gaia and call him Sunny. Sunny arrived in October and I could not be happier. Sunny has a very laid back disposition (he reminds me of Trader in disposition and coloring) and is very affectionate, as well as fun-loving. As soon as Sunny is old enough, he and Pearl will be introduced . I know their mating will produce beautiful, typey Devons, which is my ultimate goal.