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Monday, June 25, 2007

Kokopelli has a new name!

So much has happened since my last entry. For starters, my computer crashed and I didn't have access to another computer. I got a great deal on Tiger, so bought a new pc. It is now up and running so hopefully I can keep my posts current.
I decided to give Kokopelli another name; one that would be a little more fun. Since I have a fav game show, I decided to name him after it. His registered name will be Gaia Deal or No Deal
and he will be called Howie. I love Howie Mandel; he is so humorous. Plus Deal or No Deal is more than a show where you just pick a case. I think the producers do an admirable job of personalizing each show to the contestant. The girls with the suitcases also seem to be very caring and get into the game as well. It is a great show and I am proud to give my little boy
a name immortalizing it!
I have new pics of Howie but can't locate them on the external drive that my son used to save as much of my data as possible. As soon as I locate the secret folder that has the latest pictures I will upload a few so everyone can see how Howie is changing.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

kitten update

I have had a difficult time getting logged in to Gaia Devon Rex on my desktop so decided to try the laptop. It worked like a dream and now I can post pictures of the little boy who will be five weeks old tomorrow. He is absolutely adorable and knows just exactly where he shouldn't go; then heads in that direction at top speed! Birdette has introduced him to the other cats (3 Devons and 2 Cornish Rex that are strictly pets) and decided that he was not quite ready for his debut. Actually, Birdette was not ready....she did not like the fact that the other cats were sniffing the little boy so she became rather aggressive and a cat fight ensued. No one was hurt but there was a lot of screeches, hisses and cat-er-walling. I was shocked to say the least as Birdette has always been extremely friendly and affectionate to the other cats. I have lots of pictures that I will post as soon as I can gain access to them. Just realized that my PC can't be networked but I am getting a new PC (it is en route as I type), then I can do more than ever before. technology is great!