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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Puppy Update

Birdette has proven to be a better mother than I ever hoped. She is so laid back but does not allow that little boy to mew more than twice before she rushes to him. When he is quiet, Birdette visits with the other cats and of course, spends time with me. She has all ready regained her girlish figure and has an air of confidence that I have not seen before. She seems to radiate self-confidence in the field of motherhood. Not anything like I felt when I became a mother for the first time. Indeed, I never experienced that amount of confidence when my second baby was born either!

Bird has really surprised me. She was so spoiled that I feared she would not be an attentive mother but she proved me wrong. The same way she proved me wrong about being in shows. Even though Birdette was nearly a year old before I entered her in her first shows, she gave the impression that she was an old hand at it. I sincerely hope that she passes her attitudeand confidence along to all her offspring. What a joy it would be to not worry about an entry's first shows and how it will respond to the new environment.

The kitten is sleek and fat...very contented in its little world. I was surprised to see that its little eyes were open on yesterday and it was only 3 days old! At that rate, it will be grown in a few months but I want it to remain a playful little kitten for a while anyway. I have also decided that I will not call him Puppy since I intend to show him. He needs a more fitting name so I am searching for just the right name for the first kitten to carry the Gaia name.